homeLA // Victoria Park May 21st solo - durational performance



Crystal Sepúlveda moving and researching on the portico. Photo credit: Andrew Mandinach

You are invited to the home of Asuka Hisa in Victoria Park on

Saturday, May 21st, 2016!

Melisa Dougherty, Johanna Breiding, Bernard Brown, Libby Buchanan, Maya Gingery, Terrence Luke Johnson, Emily Marchand, Zac Monday, Yann Novak, Marbles Jumbo Radio, Crystal Sepúlveda, and Flexsus Studios are developing new works and durational performances in response to Asuka's home for this one-day-only event.

4:00pm - 8:00pm

(your ticket goes to compensating homeLA artists and light production costs / thank you for reserving in advance!)

This Spring marks the third year of homeLA programming and homeLA in Victoria Park is the fifteenth installment of performance in private space made possible through this project. 

Thank you for being present at these events and celebrating the importance of creative process, movement and art at home, and sharing time and space together.

We look forward to sharing this next installment with you!